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  Keystone’s  Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system is a comprehensive dispatching software application specifically designed for local and county public safety agencies. The system provides complete event tracking from original call to closed status. An automatic stamp logs the date, time and operator ID for every transaction in the system. Offering unlimited features, Keystone’s  CAD system provides the ideal software application for all your public safety related needs.

When searching for a computer aided dispatch solution, one of the most important features to consider is versatility. Keystone understands that every agency operates differently, and that no one way is the ‘right’ way. That’s why all of the K.O.P.S. applications are designed to be extremely flexible and are able to support multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional and single agency communication centers. CAD can be easily modified to fit the specific and/or changing needs of public safety agencies. Keystone’s software is released controlled, meaning the functionality one customer requires is made available to our entire customer base. Keystone believes in helping our customers help each other.

Another important quality a CAD system should have is a solid report system. A set of standardized management and statistical reports, as well as reference listings of on-line support files are included. As with all features, any reports that are customized for a specific client are made available to all other customers. All K.O.P.S. products utilize a powerful RDBMS as its underlying data base, which offers an easy-to-use ad hoc query tool capable of accessing all files in an application. This query facility makes almost any type of report available without additional programming.

Application Features

Multiple Monitor/Split Screen Option Complete Hard Copy Logs MDT/Laptop Interface
Automated Background Searches SARA Data Base Files NCIC/SCIC Interface
Automatic Date/Time Stamping Ten Level Run Cards CAMEO/HAZMAT Interface
'Hot-file’ Back-up Routines Full Audit Trails Medical Priorities Interface
On-line Messaging System Premise Histories Status Mapping Interface
Automatic Geobase Verification Station Printing Alpha Pager Interface
On-line Rolodex Files Synchronized Clock Interface Alarm Panel Interface
Variable Overdue Timers Station Toning Interface E-911 Interface
Unit/Station/Hospital Recommendations Ambulance Company Interface AVL Interface

Daily/Master Coverage Plans

Command Line or Pre-Formatted Screens

On-line Officer/Unit Logs

Hazardous Address Files

Certified Interface with Fire, Medical and Police ProQA


CAD in Action
Medical Priorities
Station Alerting
MDT / Laptop
Status Mapping / KeyMap
Alpha Pager
Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)
Synchronized Clock
Alarm Panel
KeyData / Data Sharing

Civil Process


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