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Civil Process


Keystone’s Civil Process system is a comprehensive software application specifically designed to track civil papers that have been, or need to be served. The system provides support for service, billing, payment and refund information, as well as records specific details regarding paper distributions and officer trips for service.

When a set of civil papers are initially received, they are entered into the Civil Process application. There, data relating to the names listed on the papers (i.e., defendant vs. plaintiff) and which court issued the papers to be served, can be recorded. Subscreen options capture service and billing information which are also received in this administrative phase. Residential and business addresses are collected for each person that is to be served with the civil papers. Billing, return and service information is also captured.

The Civil Process application tracks where civil papers have been distributed within your agency, such as to a particular officer or division, and the various attempts that were made in an effort to serve these papers. This benefit is extremely useful when court hearings require histories of civil papers.

Civil Process also records all monetary transactions that are made on behalf of a set of papers. Any payments made, any refunds due (in cases where the papers were not able to be served), and any ‘write-offs’ that occur when payment is determined to be uncollectible, can be easily entered and maintained using this application. Once entered, automatic calculations of amounts paid, refunded and still due are displayed.

A wide range of reports can be generated using the Civil Process application. Summaries of civil papers that have been served and that still need to be served, along with a variety of statistical data relating to these papers can all be accessed through this user-friendly application.

Application Features

Open/Closed Report Tracking Service Attempt Logs Document Tracking
Defendant/Witness Tracking Accounting Functionality Statistical Reports
Master Name File Cross Check Distribution Histories Interfaces to CAD


Civil Process
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