Detention Management System (JAILS)

Keystone On-line Public Safety (KOPS) offers a Detention Management / Corrections Facility System (JAILS) which is a comprehensive inmate / detainee tracking software application specifically designed for administrative departments of local and county law enforcement agencies. JAILS provides support for Detainee Processing and Movement Tracking, Custody Management, Cash Accounting, Inventory Tracking, Supervisory Actions and other general functions.

Recognizing that policies and procedures vary at each site, JAILS provides a flexible environment which allows customers to use certain modules as stand alone products. This way, a county jail in Maryland and a juvenile detention center in New Jersey can both run the same application while using it in their own unique way.

The Intake module offers a perpetual registration file which displays the identification of a detainee, previous incarcerations and demographic information. Charges, along with bond, detainer and sentence information are also captured. Additional admission functions include Medical Screenings, Cash and Property Inventories and Cell Assignments.

The Medical Screening process creates a Statement and Consent form for detainee signature and receipts are created for Cash and Property Inventory. The Cell Assignment module displays a view of the present population’s charge and segregation/alert data, as well as cell block parameters so that an optimum cell selection can be made. Once the Intake process is completed, a Notice of Detention form verifying the information regarding a detainee’s delivery to the facility, is created for the enforcement officer in charge.

A Transport module is also available for use with the JAILS application which allows for the creation of Transport records for in-house or courtesy detainee movements with multiple user-defined Action Codes available. Schedules can be built assigning officers and individual Transport records as needed. Start / completed dates and times, plus miles traveled are collected allowing for very detailed statistical reporting. Search screens and various listings are also available to aid in scheduling. The Transport module also interfaces to our on-line calendar system.

Some supervisory features of JAILS include tracking Commissary and Standard Issue Stock, Scheduling personnel and facility run events, recording Good Behavior and Visitor data, and generating various analytical and managerial reports. The system offers many other standard functions that assist corrections personnel with all of their daily administrative duties.

Application Features

  • Charges / Release Conditions
  • Master Name and Geobase Files
  • Incident / Disciplinary Tracking
  • Complete Detainee Histories
  • Automated Release Processing
  • Automated Release Date Calculations
  • Electronic Detainee Movement Tracking
  • Property Management
  • Custody Management
  • Detainee Classifications
  • Medical Screenings
  • Commissary Module
  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Intake Processing
  • Visitor Registration
  • Cell Assignments
  • Cash / Inmate Accounting
  • NCIC / SCIC Interface
  • Mug Shot Interface
  • Fingerprint Interface
  • Victim Notification (VINE Interface)


VINE is the nation’s leading victim notification network. It allows survivors, victims of crime, and other concerned citizens to access timely and reliable information about offenders or criminal cases in the US jails and prisons. Individuals can register to receive automated notifications via email, text, or phone call, or check custody status information on-line at any time.

Mug Shots

Mug Shots allows the user to capture, store, retrieve and display photo quality images in the PC environment. These images can in turn be linked to host application data records within the JAILS application.


Fingerprinting connects arrest and booking data to an automated fingerprinting system. The fingerprinting system requests arrest data from our JAILS Management System located on your host computer. Demographic, arrest and actual fingerprint data collected creates FBI approved fingerprint cards and has the capability to electronically transfer the fingerprint images directly to the FBI.

KeyPic / Digital Pics

KeyPic / Digital Photos allows for digital images to be associated with specific records maintained in the database. Users can retrieve photos associated with a person, vehicle, incident, accident, property and business.

KeyDoc / Document Imaging

KeyDoc / Document Imaging provides for the association of scanned images / documents with specific records in the database for easier storage and retrieval.