Keystone Narcotics / Intelligence Tracking System (KNITS)

The Keystone Narcotics/Intelligence Tracking System (KNITS) is a comprehensive software application specifically designed for local and county law enforcement agencies. The system tracks intelligence tips and informant histories, as well as links and analyzes data files to show related cases. KNITS may be used as a stand-alone application or interfaced to PIRS. Interfaces to Mug Shots and NCIC/SCIC are also available.

KNITS truly brings the benefits of automation to undercover operations. Data collected through the execution of normal investigative functions is rapidly collated and may be played back in a variety of analytical modes. Vast amounts of information can be processed and subsequently accessed by authorized personnel, enabling timely response to situations and investigations. KNITS has many helpful features like the Case Management module which assists investigators in quickly and accurately piecing together a case, compiling its report and submitting it to a supervisor for approval with no paper trail to sort through. The preparation and generation of search warrant applications may also be accomplished using the KNITS application by cutting and pasting data directly from case files, saving valuable time.

The system also has a Cash Accounting module which aids officers in setting up case expenditure funds, compiling cash purchase amounts, and tracking special operation efforts. An Asset Forfeiture module allows for the collection and calculation of monetary data relating to a suspect’s income, credit and worth. Another benefit of KNITS is the Drug Diversion module which assists officials in investigating persons illegally obtaining prescription drugs. These, along with the numerous other features and functions of KNITS, aid narcotic enforcement officers in their specialized field with reliability, accuracy and confidentiality.

Application Features

  • General Intelligence Tracking
  • Search Warrant Applications
  • Automated Linking of Persons, Vehicles, Locations, Crimes, Associates, Drugs, Weapons, Phone Numbers, Property, and Businesses
  • Complete Case Management
  • Asset Forfeiture Tracking
  • Special Operation Tracking
  • Special Employee Accounting
  • Automated Link Analysis
  • Drug Enforcement Coordination
  • Tip Line Data Base
  • Script Tracking/Analysis
  • Drug Diversions
  • Fund Accounting
  • Incident Reporting
  • Arrest Reporting