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Keystone On-line Public Safety (KOPS) is a comprehensive, integrated suite of software applications developed to address the needs of public safety agencies nationwide. The complete KOPS product set is written in a relational database environment (IBM’s uniVerse) and employs powerful Fourth Generation Language (4GL) tools. These attributes enable the KOPS applications to be extremely versatile, thus conforming to the needs of virtually any public safety agency.

KOPS applications include Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for both law enforcement and fire / EMS agencies, Police Information Reporting System (PIRS), Fire Information Reporting System (FIRS), Mobile Computing, Keystone’s Narcotics / Intelligence Tracking System (KNITS), Civil Process and JAILS—our Detention Management / Corrections Facility package. Some of the many interfaces available are: AVL, Mug Shots, Status Mapping (KeyMap), E-911, Fingerprinting, Alarm Panel, Station Toning, Alpha Pagers, NCIC / SCIC, MDT / Laptop and Synchronized Clock.

Maintaining the security of sensitive information is always a major concern when searching for a public safety system. This concern has been heightened by technological advances that increase potential access to once formidably complex systems. Using the understanding gained from decades of experience, Keystone has equipped the KOPS applications with a state-of-the-art security system which exceeds existing security standards set forth by the US DOD C2 security rating. Keystone’s sophisticated, multi-level security controls both system and program / data access. Operating system security is enhanced with a protected password data base, discretionary access control lists and mature auditing tools. Application security includes parameters for passwords such as minimum length, change frequency, historical cycle, retries before disconnect and even a ‘string control’ option that prevents use of easy-to-guess passwords. Object security permits or denies access to menus, programs and commands. The result is a robust but flexible security system which can be easily maintained by public safety system administrators.

Keystone also recognizes the importance of streamlining data entry at system implementation. User defined, system validated codes are used to improve the consistency and accuracy of data when entered. The concept of ‘one time’ data entry is strictly followed throughout all KOPS applications. Once entered, data is on-line, which allows management and authorized users to access it immediately. To assist with data entry, on-line help is available for almost every prompt in the KOPS applications. These and many other standard product features assist public safety officials every day, saving valuable time and money.

System Design Features:

  • Written Using 4GL Development Tools
  • Integrated Word Processing
  • Graphical Interface
  • Open Systems Architecture
  • Background Job Scheduling
  • User Defined Function Keys / ‘Hot Keys’
  • High Speed Searching
  • Easy-to-use ‘Ad-hoc’ Inquiries
  • Multi-level Security
  • Full Archiving and Purging Capabilities
  • User Defined Tables
  • Multi-jurisdictional for Shared Systems
  • Menu Driven
  • On-site Source Code Availability
  • On-line Help
  • Complete Documentation Available
  • User Modifiable Documentation


Civil Process

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