Dispatch and Field Report Writer


Keystone’s Police Mobile application was designed to be reliable and easy to use for users in a single server mobile environment, regardless of agency (State, County or Municipality). The application covers the needs of law enforcement officers while in the field, and in addition, provides supervisors the ability to review, approve or reject all reports submitted by officers based on chain of command specifications in police agencies. The concept of the Police Mobile design allows for the development of unique displays and functionalities based on the specific needs of law enforcement agencies.


Functionality of the Police Mobile application is completely configurable based on the requirements authorized by the agency. The application consists of a central monitor screen surrounded by a top tool bar and a channel bar to the right side which provides selections for the channel in a selection bar located on the left side of the monitor screen. The top tool bar usually consists of the dispatch functions similar to those commands defined in the CAD system. Below are some commonly used commands:

  • Start New Call
  • Status Commands
  • Retrieve a Report Number
  • Automatic Traffic Stop Call
  • Log Feature
  • Directions to Calls
  • Call History
  • Day / Night Feature
  • Reports
  • Access to the Internet
  • Application Features as Required by the Agency

The channel bar, located to the right of the central monitor, drives what is displayed on the central monitor and can be configured to support the following views on the central display of the Police Mobile:

  • The User’s Current Call
  • The Status of All Units
  • The On-board Local Mapping System (KeyMap)
  • Google Map Functions
  • All Dispatched & Un-dispatched Calls for Service
  • State and NCIC Queries
  • Chat Capability
  • Property Check System
  • Be on the Lookout ‘BOLO’ Notifications

With the use of the channels feature, the user can switch channels without losing capabilities and location when the user returns to the original channel. While displaying a channel, the user has access to several features associated with a particular channel. The features are presented to the user on the left side of the monitor screen on what has been defined as the channel feature selection tabs. The tabs are configurable to fit the needs of the agency per channel.

The Police Mobile application ensures thorough communication and promotes initial and back-up support by allowing users to see all calls for service and the units assigned to those calls while also allowing for the self-dispatch of units to a dispatched or an un-dispatched call for service. Police Mobile can be configured to support multiple law enforcement agencies and provides for the viewing of all calls for service regardless of agency.


The Police Mobile Field report writer function is started when a report number is assigned to a call for service. The different reports can be configured to be used in conjunction with the Police Mobile Field Report Writer. Some examples of these reports are:

  • Incident Reports
  • Supplements
  • Field Contact / Interview Reports
  • Arrest Reports
  • Activity Reports
  • Trespass Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Impound Reports
  • Ticket and Citations

Additionally, the Field Report Writer supports the use of fillable PDF forms that can be set-up to be processed and filed on-line. All reports, small or large, can be processed and completed in the Police Mobile environment once identified and configured to be executed. As such, the Incident and Supplement Reports are National Incident-Based Reporting System, ‘NIBRS’ complaint.


Keystone’s Fire Mobile application is specifically designed for local and county fire and emergency management services agencies. Fully configurable and customizable by agency, district, unit class, or even individual units, Fire Mobile provides fire and EMS personnel with vital information needed while performing life-saving tasks. Offering unlimited features, Keystone’s Fire Mobile system provides the ideal mobile software application for all your fire and EMS related needs.

Application Features:

  • Fully Configurable Based on Individualized or Group Needs
  • Turn by Turn Directions Available through Google Maps
  • GPS / AVL Options for Complete Unit Tracking
  • Mapping Available through Existing KeyMap Application
  • Built-In Web Browsing Capabilities
  • Push Button Channel Bars
  • Instant Messaging with other On-line Units
  • Hyperlinking to External Databases
  • Access to Valuable CAD Data for Call Details and Unit Times
  • Access to Photos and Pre-plan Data