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Keystone’s Police Information Reporting System (PIRS) is a comprehensive, integrated solution for the complex data collection, reporting and administrative requirements of local and county law enforcement agencies. The system provides complete record-keeping from complaint / incident inception to final disposition.  PIRS may be used in conjunction with Keystone’s Police Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) or as a separate stand alone application.

If used with CAD, all applicable incident information is automatically passed to the PIRS system as a by-product of normal dispatch procedures.  Data is loaded into the main screen of PIRS where, based on security parameters, it can be added to, modified or deleted.  A series of sub-screens capture information describing the disposition, offense, person(s), vehicle(s), property, narrative, modus operandi, solvability factors, NIBRS relationships and security involved with an incident.

PIRS also provides a full Arrest and Booking module which tracks everything from breathalyzer test results to suicide evaluations.  With the ability to do on-line bookings, one PIRS customer reported that their booking process decreased from forty-five minutes to eight minutes using the Keystone On-line Public Safety KOPS software.

Data captured during the day-to-day functions of law enforcement agencies may be accessed in a variety of analytical modes using PIRS.  Information can be analyzed against crime patterns, call for service statistics and staffing availability to optimize resources, enabling timely response to situations and investigations.  These standard KOPS attributes assist public safety officials every day, saving valuable time and money.


  • NIBRS or Summary UCR Reporting
  • Permits and Registrations
  • Crime Lab Processing
  • Property and Evidence
  • Personnel and Training
  • Master Name, Vehicle, Property, and Business Geo Files
  • Case Management
  • Wants and Warrants
  • False Alarm Billing
  • Solvability Ratings
  • Traffic Citations
  • Arrests and Bookings
  • Latent Processing
  • Field Interviews
  • Pawn Tickets
  • Parking Tickets
  • MDT / Laptop Interface
  • NCIC / SCIC Interface
  • Mug Shot Interface
  • Fingerprint Interface


Mug Shots
KeyData / Data Sharing
KeyPic / Digital Photos
KeyDoc / Document Imagint
Maryland Automated Booking System (ABS)

Civil Process


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